Microsoft Access 2010 - Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released Office 2010 Service Pack 1 and it includes a few fixes and updates for Microsoft Access.  All told there are 70 updates for Microsoft Access in this SP.

ODBC Improvements

More reliability when trying to use ODBC to connect to a Sybase database whose path contains a space.

Also there are fixes for a bug that generates an incorrect syntax error when the user tries to use the SQL10 native client driver to export date/time fields.

Stability Improvements

SP1 includes fixes for issues that caused crashes when you clicked the Union or Data Definition button twice or if a filter of the wrong data type was applied to a field.  Also addressed were crashes when a user tried to convert embedded macros to VBA.

The issue where you could get a not-enough-memory error when trying to run an append query has been fixed as well.

More Information

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