Questions and Answers for Microsoft Excel

1. How can I create a form with self numbering?
J.E. McGimpsey has a good approach to this problem at:

2. I installed the trial version and [Feature] is greyed out!
Did you activate the product?  (check the Help menu)

3. How can I create a drop down menu in my worksheet to navigate to different sheets in my workbook?
There's a nice write-up on how to do it here: from Dave Peterson.

Functions and Formulas

4. How can I get an average of a group of cells but IGNORE any with a value of zero?

A: Use a formula like this:  =SUMIF(your cells,>0)/COUNTIF(your cells, >0).  Naturally you replace "your cells" with the cell range you're working with.  That will total the values of all greater-than-zero cells and divide that total by the number of cells with greater-than-zero values.  If you might also have some negative numbers in there you want to include then use "<>" instead of ">".