Law Tech Glossary

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The broader term for software that is intended for criminal or malicious intent.  Such as viruses, trojan horses, spyware, etc.


Metadata is data about data.  Your document is data.  The "created date" is information about the document and that is metadata.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In security a there are three kinds of "factors" for authentication:

  • Something you know: a PIN or Passphrase
  • Something you have: A swipe card, computer file or other item.
  • Something you are: A retina scan, fingerprint, voice identification, etc.

Multi-factor authentication is a method of granting access that requires at least two of these factors.  For example: your ATM machine requires you to insert a plastic card (something you have) and type in a PIN number (something you know).

For a method to be true multi-factor authentication it must rely upon two DIFFERENT kinds of authentication.  Two different passwords is not sufficient, that's just two of the same kind of authentication.  At least two different factors must be used for multi-factor authentication.


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