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A T-1 is a high speed network connection which typically consists of 24 channels which provide a total of 1.544 Megabits of network throughput.  Traditionally used to carry voice traffic it can also carry data traffic.


ABA TECHSHOW - a conference on law technology hosted by the American Bar Association in Chicago each spring (typically March/April)

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1,024 Megabytes (MB).  Often rounded to 1,000 MB for convenience.


A Treo is a portable device manufactured by Palm Computing.  In addition to being a mobile phone it is also a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) which means it keeps your calendar, contacts, e-mail etc.  Treo's come in two flavors: Palm OS and Windows Mobile.


Twitter is a micro-blogging technology.  What that means is that folks who participate on Twitter can post their thoughts, ideas, links and other content in "tweets" which are individual messages that are restricted to no more than 140 characters in length.

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