Troubleshooting Printing

There are two main kinds of printer trouble (Click the link for which kind you have):

1. "It doesn't look right!"  That's what happens when you print something and upon examining the printout, something isn't lined up properly, the wrong fonts or colors are used, pagination is off...or in some other way the final printout doesn't meet your expectations.

2. "It didn't print at all!" That's what happens when you print something...and nothing happens.  You may get an error message or your print job may just disappear into the ether.

Recommended Printers

Buying a printer?  What kind of printer you should get depends a lot upon what kind of (and how much) printing you plan to do.

Important Questions:

  1. Color or Black and White?
  2. About how many pages per month do I expect to print? 25? 250? 2500?  More?
  3. Am I going to share this printer with others?
  4. Am I going to want to duplex (print on both sides) often?