Office 365 - How to Add E-mail Addresses

One question we get from time to time is: "What if I want a 2nd e-mail address on my Office 365 account?" Well the easy way would have been to add the additional address at the time you created the account. When you created the account you were asked for an e-mail address for that account and you could have added multiple addresses, separated by semi-colons, at that time. Presumably you didn't do it then however so...

Those of you who have migrated from an internal Exchange Server, where it was easy to add additional addreses may have wondered if (and how) you could do it in Office 365.  Well the good news is that it's fairly easy to do once you find it.

First need to log into your Office 365 portal with an account that has administrator privileges. Usually that's at least the account you used to set up your Office 365 to begin with; and you may have other accounts with administrator priviledges too. Any of those will do.

Then click the Admin link at the top of the screen.

Select "Users" from the navigation pane on the left and click on the user that you want to add the second address for.

Click the "More" option from the menu below the user name and select "Change Mailbox Settings"

Add e-mail account to Office365

Halfway down the screen you'll find "E-Mail Options".  Click that to expand it and you'll see a list of the e-mail addresses assigned to that user.

Click "Add" to add an additional address.  Note: you'll only be able to add an address within a domain managed by Office365. You'll notice it only lets you type in the username - the domain name you have to select from the list.

Type the username in Office365

When you're done, click "OK" then click "Save" at the very bottom right corner of the screen. All done!  Your new address should be active more or less immediately.


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