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How Can I Print the Rule Lines in Microsoft OneNote?

The rule lines in OneNote 2003 and 2007 don't print.  They're just there to be on-screen guides for handwriting and inking, but a lot of folks really want them to print.  So there is a workaround to make it work.

Create a blank page with rule lines.  Press Windows Key +S to start the screen capture. Carefully screen capture the rule lines from the blank page.  Create another new page and turn the rule lines off on that page.  Then paste the screen captured rule lines onto your data page as an image. Right-click the image and send the image of the lines to the background.  Now you can write over the top of it and the lines will print.

Naturally since you're just pasting in an image of lines you can actually use any lines you want; doesn't have to be OneNote's rule lines.  Screen grab some rule lines, even graph paper lines(!), from somewhere else and paste them in.

Is it an ideal solution?  No.  It's a workaround.  But for now it's the best you can do.  The good news is that OneNote 2010 (which is due in June) DOES print rule lines if you want it to.

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