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Outlook 2016 Suddenly Re-downloading Messages?

If Outlook 2016 is redownloading the same messages again and again you've probably got a known bug. The fix is...Read more

Outlook 2010 Suddenly Misbehaving

If you're an Outlook 2010 user and it's suddenly starting in Safe Mode or not saving settings chances are you got a bad patch from Microsoft. Read more...

Adding Emojis to Outlook's AutoCorrect

If you use a lot of emojis in your email this article from our friends at Slipstick may be pretty useful. I'll admit that I once got tripped up (in a personal email) by using the ":)" emoji and having the other person's email client change it to a "J". Read more...

Three Outlook Tips

An article with a couple of tips that folks at ABA TECHSHOW 2012 found particularly helpful. Read more...

My New Outlook Install Won't Start Because it Can't Find Something Called "Exchange"!?

If you've just installed Outlook and can't get it to start because it wants an "Exchange" thingy then you've probably made a very common setup mistake. Here's how to fix it.  Read more...

Using Stationery in Outlook

Want to have Outlook always use Green text when you type? Want to set a different font for when you reply? Read more...

Is Outlook Not Processing Your Meeting Request Responses?

Here's how to fix that!

The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013 is NOW Available

Outlook 2013 for LawyersYou can now get "The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013" from Amazon!  Updated for 2013 this version is bigger than the last one and includes more helpful tips on managing e-mail, the calendar, tasks and more!


YES, Ben Schorr is available to come to your firm and train you and/or your staff on Outlook.  It can also be done remotely.  Class schedules and plans to fit most budgets.  808-782-6306 or e-mail for more information.

"What's That Called" - The Inbox

Sometimes when we talk to people about Outlook we use names or terms that they don't understand. Or perhaps they're asking a question and their not sure what something's name is. In this series of articles we'll try to clear those issues up. First...the Inbox.

Using the Outlook Reading View (New)

No...not the Reading Pane, the reading VIEW. Don't know what I'm talking about? Read more...

Customizing the Order of your Outlook Address Books

Not something you do every day, but if you'd rather Outlook check the Global Address List instead of Contacts (or vice-versa) here's how to do it. Click here...

Outlook 2010 - Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1. Here's a rundown of what's new for you in Outlook 2010 SP1. Read More...

"My Mailbox Is Full! What Do I Do?!?"

A surprisingly oft-asked question, what to do when Outlook tells you that you're exceeding your mailbox quota...Read More

Why Aren't My Unread Messages Bold Anymore?

An article explaining how Microsoft Outlook uses conditional formatting to highlight particular e-mail messages and how you can do it too! Read more...

Clean Up Ignored Conversations

Ignoring conversations but wish those messages wouldn't appear as unread in your deleted items folder? Read More...

Creating Canned Replies in Outlook

Tired of typing the same message over and over?  Now you can automate the repetitive elements of your e-mail messages to save time and effort.  Read More...

Where Did My Messages Go?

An article to help you solve the mystery of the missing messages. Read More...

The Navigation Pane

Wondering about the wonders of the Wunderbar? (that's what the Navigation Pane was originally called).  This article offers a few tips to get the best out of it.  Read More...

Syncing Outlook and Android?

There aren't a lot of great solutions for syncing Outlook with your Android device unless you have Exchange Server. For those of you who don't have Exchange, most of the solutions involve 3rd party products like CompanionLink.

Hotmail Disallowing Your Folder Name?

You probably need to rename it. 

Do You Use The Journal?

If so, e-mail me at and tell me how you're using it.  Interested in collecting stories of folks making use of the Journal for tasks big or small.

It's Not What You Know...

Here's the start of a new article all about the Outlook Address books.  Wondering what that "Suggested Contacts" folder is?  Read on....

Oh Dear, What Did I Say?!

Need a safety net to protect yourself from sending off hasty e-mails?  Create a delay send rule that holds outgoing messages in your Outbox for a couple of minutes so you have a chance to stop it or edit it before it goes.  Read more...

Hotmail Forbidden?!

A number of users are discovering, the hard way, that Hotmail (and via the old WebDAV method (which has been support in Outlook) no longer works.  That's because Hotmail/ has stopped supporting it. You can still get your mail using POP3 or the Outlook Connector. For more information check out these articles:

The "FixOutlook" Storm

Here's an article I wrote that addresses the questions in the FixOutlook storm about using Word to render HTML mail in Outlook 2010.

Tip of the Moment

Want to see non-contiguous days on the Outlook calendar side-by-side? Hold down the CTRL key and select those days from the date navigator (the little calendar on the Navigation Pane).

Tip of the Moment Archive



Outlook Tools



  • Outlook AppIns - a site with some useful addins for Microsoft Outlook, including tools for finding and removing duplicate items.
  • "Deciphering the Mystery of the PST" an interesting article from Consultant Brett Burney about how attorneys (and others) can now access PST data without using Outlook.
  • - One of the oldest and best sites for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange information.  Funny name, but good content. Run by Outlook MVP Diane Poremsky.
  • Microsoft's Official Outlook Site:  The official page for Microsoft Outlook.  Includes tutorials, articles, downloads and links.
  • Outlook Tips - An interesting collection of Outlook tips; includes an RSS Feed so you can get regular tips automatically.
  • Outlook 2003 to 2007 Command Reference Guide: Need help figuring out how to find something in Outlook 2007 that you know how to do in 2003?  This handy on-line guide will map the old command to the new command for you.
  • Mail Merge from Outlook - A free training video from Microsoft to get you up to speed on Outlook Mail Merging.  It's about Outlook 2003, but the information generally applies to other versions as well.
  • Why PST Files are unsupported over a LAN or WAN link - An article from Microsoft that explains some of the technical reasons why it's not a good idea to locate your PST files on a network share.
  • Triaging Mail with Categories and Search Folders - A very good post from Outlook PM Tom O'Neill explaining a logical system for managing e-mail.
  • Standss - They make some handy add-ins for Outlook to let you do things like improve your message filing and also auto-picking signatures.


Microsoft offers a nice collection of free support forums for Microsoft Outlook.  You can post questions, read answers or even answer some questions yourself if you like.  They're free and easy and just a click away.

How to Ask a Question:  When posting a question to a newsgroup please be sure to indicate what software you're using, what version of the software you're using, what SPECIFICALLY you are trying to do and what happens when you try to do that (especially any error messages you may be receiving).  It is also helpful if you tell us what you have already tried in an effort to fix it so that we don't waste time telling you to try things you've already attempted.

What's an MVP?

An MVP or "Most Valuable Professional" is a volunteer who has been recognized by Microsoft as an expert on a particular technology.  You'll commonly find them in the Microsoft Support Newsgroups, but they can sometimes be found in other forums or lists.  They can be very helpful but keep in mind that they are only volunteers providing assistance in their spare time.


Last Updated: 03/06/2016