Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released Office 2010 Service Pack 1 and it includes a few fixes and updates for Microsoft Outlook.  All told there are 80 updates for Microsoft Outlook in this SP.

Office 365 Support

Outlook 2010 SP1 includes built-in support for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft's new hosted business information service. You could get this support before by downloading and running the Office 365 integration tool, but now you don't have to - it's baked in.

Office 365 includes Microsoft Exchange Server (with 25GB Mailbox), SharePoint (with 10GB of storage), Microsoft Lync (Which used to be called Microsoft Communications Server) and a few other nifty features all for prices starting around $6/user/month.  It's a great way for a small business (especially those with between 1 and 10 users) to get all of the power of Microsoft Exchange Server and SharePoint without deploying an expensive in-house server.

With Office 365 you can easily synchronize your e-mail, calendar and contacts between multiple devices such as a PC, Android Phone, iPad and more.

If you want assistance getting set up on Microsoft Office 365 call Roland Schorr & Tower at 808-782-6033 or via e-mail at

Default Sending Account

If you have multiple accounts set up in Outlook the SP1 update includes the ability to configure Outlook to always use the default sending account.

Pre-SP1 Outlook would always default to sending a reply message with the account that received the message.  So if you received the message on Account B but wanted to send your reply from Account A you would have to remember to change your sending account each time. With SP1 you can tell Outlook to always default to sending from Account A, even if you're replying to a message received on Account B.

That's handy for people transitioning to new e-mail addresses who are temporarily receiving mail on both the old and new accounts and want to always reply from the new account.


Outlook 2010 SP1 also fixes an issue with the snooze feature. When you get a reminder you have the option to "Snooze" that reminder. Pre-SP1 there was occasionally an issue with the way the snooze time was handled (it wouldn't reset to 5 minutes) and that's fixed in SP1.

Also the options to snooze to a particular amount of time "Before Start" have been restored to Outlook 2010 with this service pack.

More Reliability

Bugs that sometimes caused an item to be lost if it were moved to a different message store and that caused the buttons on the Ribbon to become unavailable if the background of an image was removed have been fixed.

Bugs that stopped Automatic Name Completion from working and caused Outlook to occasionally stop responding when it tried to access the address book on startup have also been fixed.

Search and sharing of items to other users have also been made more reliable. Also the far-too-common issues of having messages get stuck in the Outbox has been addressed in this SP.

More Information

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