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Integrating Outlook and Amicus?

Amicus Attorney is a practice management software package from a company called Gavel & Gown Software.

This document will occasionally refer to different versions of Amicus and Outlook but if not otherwise specified I'll be talking about Amicus 2009 and Outlook 2007.

What Can You Expect?

Amicus Mobile

Amicus Mobile lets you synchronize your Amicus files, phone calls, messages, time entries, contact lists, stickies and other data on either Windows Mobile or Blackberry.  Worth noting that Amicus Mobile actually uses the native E-mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks functions on your mobile device and NOT any special Amicus software to sync those elements.  Your device syncs with Outlook and Outlook syncs with Amicus. 

What Do You Need?

Amicus Small Firm Edition

If you upgrade from the Advanced Edition you can get Amicus Small Firm Edition to synchronize with Outlook.  Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and E-mail will all integrate.

Amicus-Outlook Contacts and Calendar Link

The Amicus-Outlook Contacts and Calendar Link will only work if you have...

NOTE: Exchange Server is *NOT* required.

Saving An E-mail To Amicus

  1. Go to the Communications tab in Amicus
  2. Click Outlook on the tabs near the top
  3. You'll see a nav pane that shows the list of Outlook folders. Select the folder that contains the message you want.
  4. Select the message you want to save in Amicus
  5. Click the "Save and Make Associations" button.
  6. Select the File or person you want to associate the message to (it can be more than one).

The message will now be saved in Amicus and associated to that person.


More Information

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