Outlook Tools

There are a great number of tools and add-ins to help extend Outlook's functionality.  On this page I'll attempt to create a catalog of some of the most useful ones.  Before you go crazy and install them all, however, you should know that Outlook, like most things, runs best when it's clean and lean.  So try to keep your tools and add-ins to an essential minimum. 

If after installing tools you have a problem starting or running Outlook try starting it in Safe Mode (hold down CTRL while clicking the icon) to see if the problem persists?  See if this helps: http://www.officeforlawyers.com/outlook/tsol.htm#safe

E-mail Helpers

  • Forgot an attachment?  Outlook can remind you.  Outlook Attachment Reminder. This is free, but still in beta.
    • Versions: Outlook 2007/2010. 
    • Cost: Free.
  • Attachment Forget Me Not - Another tool to remind you if you forget the attachment.  From Sperry Software.  Not free, but works with older versions of Outlook
    • Versions: Outlook 2000, 2002/XP, 2003, 2007
    • Cost: $19.95

Calendar Tools

Other Tools

  • Addicted to Twitter?  Get Twitter within Outlook with TwInbox from TechHit.  I use it and find it very handy to help aggregate more of those inputs to my day.  It's free!
    • Versions: At leat Outlook 2007 and 2010, 32 and 64-bit
    • Cost: Free
  • Get Newsgroups in Outlook!?  Yes (if you're running a 32-bit version of Outlook).  With NewsHound by Shoreline Software. What's a Newsgroup?  Keep reading...
  • Reminder Manager helps you get a lot MORE out of your Outlook Reminders.