The Navigation Pane

A few random tips for working with Outlook's Nav Pane.

The Favorites

At the top of the Navigation Pane is a section for Favorite Folders.  Don't see it?  You may have it collapsed.  If the triangle to the left of "Favorite" is white, click it and it should expand the group and the triangle should turn black.

To add a folder to Favorites...find it on the folder list (below Favorites) right-click it and choose "Show in Favorites"

To remove a folder from Favorites...right click it in the Favorites list and choose "Remove from Favorites."  Note: this will remove it from Favorites but does NOT delete the folder from the system.

Can I Sort The Favorites?  You bet.  Just drag and drop the folders up and down to arrange them in any order you like.

The Folder List

Got a bunch of random sub-folders open and it's cluttering up your view?  To clean it quickly, collapse the root folder by clicking the black triangle to the left of the folder name.  Then click the triangle again to re-expand.  It will only expand the first level...all those sub-levels that were expanded will be collapsed now.  Clean!