Customize Address Book Order

One question we get sometimes is from users who complain that Outlook always (or never) looks in their Global Address List before their Contacts folder when resolving addresses. In Outlook 2010 that is easily customizable.

First click the "Address Book" button on the "Find" group of the Ribbon. You'll find it towards the right on the Home tab.

Once the address book opens, click the "Tools" item on the menu and then select "Options."  You'll get a dialog box like this one:

Customize Outlook Address BooksFrom here you can set the order of your address books, or add/remove address books, to be anything you like. Usually it's best to have your Global Address List first since most of your e-mail, and almost certainly your most sensitive e-mail, will go to users inside your organization.

In my case I find that most of my mail actually goes to users OUTSIDE my organization and I'm pretty good about carefully checking my message addressing so I live life on the wild side and have Contacts listed ahead of Global Address List.

Set it however you like and click "OK" to save those settings and return to the address book.  Close the address book and you're ready to go.


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