Outlook Reading View?

One of the complaints we hear about Outlook, especially Outlook 2010, is that with all of the To-Do Bars and Navigation Panes and Ribbon etc. maximized that the screen is VERY busy and cluttered.

Did you know there's a fast and easy way to unclutter it if you just want to spend some time plowing through the mail in one particular folder?  Down on the status bar you should see, next to the Zoom slider, the Reading and Normal buttons.

Reading View in Microsoft Outlook

The Reading button (selected in the image above) looks like an open book, the Normal button is immediately to its left.  Click the Reading button and Outlook will instantly minimize the Ribbon, the Navigation Pane and the To-Do Bar to give you a cleaner and easier interface, maximizing screen space for your message list and (if you have it turned on) Reading Pane.

To switch back to the usual view - with all of the bars expanded - just click the Normal button.