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PowerPoint Q&A (Updated 5/7/16)

A small, but growing, collection of questions we get about Microsoft PowerPoint. Read more...

Keyboard Shortcuts to Make PowerPoint More PowerFull

An article with some handy keyboard shortcuts to enhance your PowerPoint experience. Read more...

OneNote and PowerPoint: Better Together

OneNote is a powerful platform for taking notes on presentations.  Read more...

Tip of the Moment

Did you know that you can start PowerPoint in Safe Mode by holding down CTRL as you click the icon?  But don't doesn't actually do anything.

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Here are some useful resources for lawyers to use for more information on Microsoft PowerPoint




Microsoft offers a nice collection of free support forums for Microsoft PowerPoint.  You can post questions, read answers or even answer some questions yourself if you like.  They're free and easy and just a click away.

How to Ask a Question:  When posting a question to a newsgroup please be sure to indicate what software you're using, what version of the software you're using, what SPECIFICALLY you are trying to do and what happens when you try to do that (especially any error messages you may be receiving).  It is also helpful if you tell us what you have already tried in an effort to fix it so that we don't waste time telling you to try things you've already attempted.


Microsoft has free support newsgroups available for nearly every product they make.  In these newsgroups you can read questions and answers that other people have posted for the product or you can post your own questions and get answers from the other posters. 

What's an MVP?

An MVP or "Most Valuable Professional" is a volunteer who has been recognized by Microsoft as an expert on a particular technology.  You'll commonly find them in the Microsoft Support Newsgroups, but they can sometimes be found in other forums or lists.  They can be very helpful but keep in mind that they are only volunteers providing assistance in their spare time.