What's New in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?

PowerPoint 2010 comes with a host of new media options; most notably the ability to do more advanced photo and video editing right from within PowerPoint.

Your Own Personal Spielberg

Got a video in your slide deck but suddenly realized it's 30 seconds too long?  Now PowerPoint gives you the ability to shorten it right there within PowerPoint.  When you insert a video into a slide the Video Tools tabs on the Ribbon will appear.  On the Playback tab you'll find the Trim Video tool.

Trim Video in Microsoft PowerPoint

Launch that tool and you can change the start and end points of the video.  Note that you can't cut anything out of the middle of the video, but if you just want to chop 10 seconds off the end, or have it start 15 seconds later you can do that quite easily.

Animation Painter

Got an animation that you really like? Gone are the days that you'd have to redo that animation over and over to get it applied to multiple objects on the slide. Simply set up the animation once, select the object with that animation then click the Animation Painter on the Animations tab of the Ribbon and paint that animation onto any other objects you like.


If you have SharePoint 2010 you can use the new co-authoring mode which allows multiple users to work on the same PowerPoint slide deck at the same time.  For more information on Co-Authoring, click here...

Broadcast Your Show

If you have a Windows Live account you can broadcast your show live over the Internet. Your audience will have to dial in via telephone to get the audio portion, but they need only a browser to see the slides. For more information on broadcasting, click here...

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