Microsoft Word 2010 - Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released Office 2010 Service Pack 1 and it includes a few fixes and updates for Microsoft Word. There aren't really any new features that should impact most of you in this update - unless you're big fans of the APA 6th and MLA 7th styles in the bibliography feature.  Yeah, me either.

Fixes Issues With Opening Word Documents

Some users have experienced issues opening Word documents and getting one of the following errors:

"The file <file name> cannot be opened beacuse there are problems with the contents.
The name in the end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag."


"Microsoft Office Word has encountered a problem and needs to close."

Word 2010 Service Pack 1 includes fixes for both of these issues.

Miscellaneous Fixes

SP1 also fixes issues with font display when you open a landscaped document that has PostScript fonts installed and fixes several editing conflict issues that can occur if you use the Word Co-Authoring features.

Microsoft Word 2010 now displays the map correctly when you use the Display Map function.

Paragraph indents are no longer lost when you edit other paragraph properties such as line spacing.

Fixes issues with rendering inserted graphics or Excel charts as well as an issue that sometimes causes an inserted Excel chart to be corrupt. (if your data is corrupt Word can't help that)

For More Information

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